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University For Strategic Optimism: Lecture at Tesco

From universityforstrategicoptimism: …Ha! the Department of Existentialist Bombthrowing…

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In Between Day X1 and Day X2: occupations still going strong in UK

The 24th of November (Day X) was the second day of action in defence of public education in the UK this month. Students and university staff protested, stormed public building, danced in the streets and occupied university buildings.  By the 24th, … Continue reading

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Students Occupy all over England!

Occupations are taking place at universities and students are walking out of colleges as a wave of protests begins against higher tuition fees and budget cuts. Students are staging occupations at Royal Holloway, Plymouth, Birmingham, London South Bank and the … Continue reading

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Pledge to Vote NO on Contract Agreement

Click this link and pledge to vote NO on the UAW grad student agreement.

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SOAS is reoccupied!

The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, has just been reoccupied! All love and solidarity. for updates on the occupation visit SOAS Occupation 2010 **** update: press release Central London college occupied by students over education cuts. … Continue reading

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Open Letter from UAW Bargaining Team Members Urging a NO VOTE on Contract Agreement

Repost from UCSC (grad) students organizing committee: An Open Letter to Members of UAW Local 2865 Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are members of the UAW Bargaining Team that recently reached tentative agreement on a contract with the UC.  This … Continue reading

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A New Metapolitefsi

This post was posted on Facebook by a comrade on Wednesday 17th of November , it is reposted here to be widely circulated. ********** Today ends with a police officer drawing his gun on unarmed students trying to enter a meeting. Today … Continue reading

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Community or Constituency?

Events in UCD’s Mrak Hall Thursday evening unfolded according to a familiar pattern: fees tuition goes up, so students get angry and march on the admin building. A sit-in is staged, demands are made, administrators pretend to dialogue while mobilizing … Continue reading

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Protests against new fee hikes being met with violence

by mtd SAN FRANCISCO, California – As of 8:45am, 200 students are blocking entrances to the William J. Rutter building at the UCSF Mission Bay campus, where the Regents are scheduled to meet. On the agenda today and tomorrow are … Continue reading

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Open Letter from Bob Meister to Yudof

from those who use it Bob Meister, author of the immortal “They Pledged Your Tuition”, is easily our favorite academic critic of the administration here at Those Who Use It. After all, it was Meister who almost single-handedly shifted the … Continue reading

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