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Communiqué from Occupied Crush Culture Center

The spaces we live in are broken: occupation is our defense. As capital spirals further into crisis, we are constantly confronted with the watchword of austerity. We are meant to imagine a vast, empty vault where our sad but inevitable … Continue reading

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Communique from UCDecolonized/Occupied

  Yesterday, after 90+ students and allies spent the night occupying Mrak Hall on the UC Davis campus following Tuesday’s huge walk-out/rally/march in solidarity with Occupy Cal and the system-wide higher education strike to protest police brutality on campus, the … Continue reading

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A New Metapolitefsi

This post was posted on Facebook by a comrade on Wednesday 17th of November , it is reposted here to be widely circulated. ********** Today ends with a police officer drawing his gun on unarmed students trying to enter a meeting. Today … Continue reading

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i. communique’

from radical women’s kitchen: This is an unwavering political statement, a conscious effort to politicize an event without being apologetic or defensive. This statement is written by a collective of women who came together in the spring of 2010 based … Continue reading

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