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Sometimes Lethal: What They Won’t Tell You About Pepper Spray

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Shut Down the West Coast Ports 12/12/11

  from ReclaimUC: The December 12th West Coast Port Shutdown. For more information, see Monday 12/12 Oakland Schedule (at bottom of poster as well): 5:30am: West Oakland BART, March to Port 3pm: Rally at 14th and Broadway (Oscar Grant … Continue reading

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Faith Healing: The Therapeutic Rhetoric of the UC Davis Administration

Hours after pepper spraying UC Davis students to keep them safe from tents, Chancellor Linda Katehi and her administration launched a remarkable public relations campaign to save their own asses. Countless emails, editorials, letters, interviews, appearances, and town halls have … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Study On

Reposted from ReclaimUC: If Yudof thinks of us as┬ácorpses, Katehi wants to see us as cows. “Keep calm and study on.” (via fb)

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Task Farce

In the wake of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi’s decision to send in the pepper-spray goon squad, the high administration has resorted to that old stand-by of deferred accountability: the task force. Among the many task forces created to deflect blame … Continue reading

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