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Faith Healing: The Therapeutic Rhetoric of the UC Davis Administration

Hours after pepper spraying UC Davis students to keep them safe from tents, Chancellor Linda Katehi and her administration launched a remarkable public relations campaign to save their own asses. Countless emails, editorials, letters, interviews, appearances, and town halls have … Continue reading

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Marx’s Capital and the Current World Crisis of Capital

Tuesday on the UCDavis Campus from 3-6pm. 912 Sproul Hall

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Faded: Not a moment too late.

The catastrophe of last week’s dance party incidentally suppressed a piece of propaganda that is, at least for critique, worth a read. In the past year, the dance party played as an accompaniment to the wave of occupations that struck California. In particular, the parties were methods of physical outreach to students in order to witness an occupation, or were otherwise useful distractions from our lives, yet still holding a vaguely evocative spirit of unrest and resistance. As the dance party last week was attacked by police and ended prematurely, this piece of propaganda was only circulated amongst a few people. Here it is, in its entirety:


A Dispatch from the Dance Party

The dance party begins because we’ve come together to enjoy each others company and to do so collectively—to do so as a mass of people. Without an unwavering unified disobedience, no party would be possible.

Let’s make this clear: this is a party, not a protest. We aren’t here to make a point to the administration, the police, or other managers of society with any message other than, “this night is ours!” Continue reading

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