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Mystery of Finger-Smashing Swine Solved (Almost)

Reposted from ReclaimUC: Is the asshole who, as thosewhouseit has discovered, smashed our compañera‘s hand so hard with his baton that he literally severed her fingers. For no reason. She was resting her hand on a metal barricade. The image above comes from this video, … Continue reading

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On Cop Worship

Courtesy of Fires Never Extinguished: Dead cops are treated like little dead angels — heroes, pure of heart and motive, who meet their tragic end too soon and in defense of the smallest among us. It’s as if every cop … Continue reading

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Riots in Tunisia escalate after a teenager is killed by the police

Riots and protests in Sidi Bou Zid Governorate in Tunisia enter their seventh day.  During the last week spontaneous protests and riots erupted in Sidi Bou Zid protesting unemployment, poverty, and austerity measures. The Riots were triggered last week by … Continue reading

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A New Metapolitefsi

This post was posted on Facebook by a comrade on Wednesday 17th of November , it is reposted here to be widely circulated. ********** Today ends with a police officer drawing his gun on unarmed students trying to enter a meeting. Today … Continue reading

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