Strike Day: Tuesday, November 15

On Wednesday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau sent armed thugs into Sproul Plaza to beat the shit out of students engaged in the peaceful “OccupyCal” protest. In response to his decision to punish and terrorize students for protesting the damaging policies that he has helped to promote, UC Berkeley students have called for a strike on Tuesday, November 15.

Bicycle Barricade supports this call, and joins Cal students in demanding the resignation of Chancellor Birgeneau, Vice Chancellor Breslauer, and Vice Chancellor LeGrande.

The UC Davis Faculty Association has also endorsed the strike call.

The board of the Davis Faculty Association has voted to endorse the systemwide general strike called for by Occupy Cal to occur on November 15.

After a mass rally and march of over 3,000 people, and repeated police assaults on the encampment, the Occupy Cal general assembly decided — with over 500 votes, 95% of the assembly — to organize and call for a strike and day of action on Tuesday, November 15 in all sectors of higher education. We will strike in opposition to the cuts to public education, university privatization, and the indebting of our generation.

We call on UC Davis students, employees, and faculty to strike in support of our comrades at UC Berkeley and all other victims of police violence, privatization, and debt.

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2 Responses to Strike Day: Tuesday, November 15

  1. Occupy Davis To Hold Day of Education and Action on Tuesday, November 15

    On Saturday, November 12, 2011, a General Assembly (GA) Meeting was held between 1:30 and 3:00 pm in Central Park. Discussion was held about the upcoming Occupy Cal’s Day of Action. Consensus was reached among GA attendees and the following actions were agreed upon:

    Occupy Davis shall hold a “Day of Education & Action” in solidarity with Occupy Cal’s Call for a Strike and Day of Action.

    Given that the board of the Davis Faculty Association (UC Davis) has voted to endorse the strike called for by Occupy Cal to occur on November 15, Occupy Davis will provide a gathering point and forum for the UC Davis Campus Community and Davis Citizens in general to gather together in a day of action where the activities shall be teach-ins, letter writing, sign making, etc.

    The Occupy Davis Day of Action will begin at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, November 15.

    Occupy Davis invites UC Davis faculty members and members of the 99% Davis community-at-large to participate in this Day of Education & Action.
    The following are possible discussion topics that were agreed upon by the Saturday 11/12 Occupy Davis General Assembly:

    History of Nonviolent Student Movements
    Political Significance of Student and Other Nonviolent Social Movements
    Nonviolent action strategies
    Police Oppression on university campuses
    Legal Rights of nonviolent protesters
    Effect of private industry funding on public universities

  2. Brian Riley says:

    A strike is entirely reasonable and the honorable thing to do, given current circumstances. There’s a famous quote: “Text out of context is pretext.” In our case, context is on our side, and our opponents have been only able to resort to pretext. It’s time to press our case in the court of public opinion, as not only a way to restrengthen our ranks, but also to win over members of the public who are only now becoming familiar with the issues. The world seems now to be headed in the right direction. This is no time to sit back and wait for justice to somehow magically ensue on its own. We must reach out and grab it.

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