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The Bank Dispute: Pro Bono Legal Advice for the UC Regents

The successful bank blockade has sparked a lovers’ quarrel between US Bank and the UC administration over who cheated whom. US Bank blames the Regents (who are technically the bank’s landlord) for having “constructively evicted” the bank. What this means, … Continue reading

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Campus Art Against Cops, Capital

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US Bank Flees in Terror From Direct Action

On March 12, the parasitic US Bank notified its hosts customers that, as of Feb. 28, it had officially closed its UC Davis branch. The bank’s closure was the result of a quarter-long blockade, in which an autonomous direct action … Continue reading

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The Neoliberal University, Banks, and the Professors Who Love Them

The Neoliberal University Things seem complicated, but they’re not. Yes, the UC budget is complex and the State of California is withholding funding due to its own, apparently unresolvable budget crisis, but these facts only obfuscate and particularize a near-universal … Continue reading

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February 27: Stop Neo-Nazis at the State Capitol

From Modesto Anarcho, a call to shut down a planned Neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento. These racist scum are trying to use the language of human rights to advance their anti-black and anti-Semitic agenda. Fuck that. See you in the streets! … Continue reading

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Note From the Revolutionaries (of Color)

“And in my opinion, the young generation of whites, blacks, browns, whatever else there is, you’re living at a time of extremism, a time of revolution, a time when there’s got to be a change, people in power have misused … Continue reading

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Notes From Occupation

The ongoing occupation of the building that once housed the Cross Cultural Center (now located in a new $30 million dollar building) has drawn its share of critics. Much of this criticism has taken disturbing forms: race baiting, slurs, and … Continue reading

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