Dutton Hall Occupied

The UCD general assembly inside occupied Dutton Hall has unanimously agreed to continue occupying the building for 2 weeks to blockade the university’s administrative and financial functions. Following UCSC’s lead, the GA also decided on 3 main demands:

1) The immediate resignation of Katehi

2) Cops off campus, replaced with an alternative safety group

3) Freeze on tuition increases


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6 Responses to Dutton Hall Occupied

  1. Paula Heady says:

    Keep the faith. Your time is well-spent if you continue to organize and speak to the boader issues in the US while you are there. Put out your own press releases on a regular basis as well even if they are just to support the occupy movement on other campuses, cities, or countries. If your signs are taken away, paint your message on your clothes; that’s a free speech issue.

    BE CAUTIOUS OF THE PRIVITIZATION OF SECURITY / POLICE. If you follow the juvenile justice system, or Texas, you will find that it is usually for-profit. You will need law enforcement for violent crimes like rape, arson, robbery, but alternative policing needs a lot of research and controls.

    Best wishes from a former employee and a former student.

  2. Dona says:

    I’ve been following your efforts from out in Colorado. I feel that your methods are a shining example of effective, efficient use of Americans’ political freedoms. I’m currently writing a political thriller, in which all the subversive actions taken by the government are legal due to undermining legislation like PATRIOT and PIPA/SOPA acts. I want to display clearly how easy it is to erode freedoms, how hard we have to fight to keep them in place. You and your efforts are an inspiration to my work. Keep it up, everyone!

  3. Sam says:

    The order of these demands concerns me. Shouldn’t tuition hikes be number 1? It is important that we do not lose sight of our initial struggle.

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