Budget Advocacy, Yudof Style

Mark G. Yudof’s latest propaganda email missive touts the Office of the President’s ramped-up advocacy efforts in Sacramento. How many times have we heard the administration say “Never fear, dear subjects students and faculty, we will take the message to the capital. End your protests and occupations, and join us in our advocacy efforts”? We’ve located rare footage of this advocacy in action.

Check it out: Yudof’s passionate plea.

We see a man in pinstripes mumbling and fumbling at the podium, rocking from foot to foot as if he can’t wait to get on to more important things, like curating his maple syrup collection. As Yudof mutters something about “the fight of our lives” and yawns his way through a list of the UC’s economic benefits—cuz money is the real reason for an education—we’re tempted to check for a pulse.

The Bone Collector

It’s time to dump the zombie corpse of the UC administration. Faculty, students, and workers call for self-governance. The university belongs to those who use it!

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