Riot Cops Raid Sac State Occupation at 3:30 AM

The occupation has ended. At 3:24 am, while most of the occupiers were asleep, 25 riot cops came in through the back of Sacramento Hall, armed with batons, tasers, guns, helmets, and zip ties. Students were told that they had five minutes to leave the building or face arrest.

The administration is against us. The order to kick the students out comes from none other than scumbag President Gonzalez. The day before, he publicly responded to the modest list of demands, stating that he was willing to work the the students, and that he is on their side. But when it came down to it, he calls in riot cops at 3:30 in the morning (to make sure the public isn’t awake to witness) to beat up and brutalize his own students, and evict them out of their own school.

Despite the nasty wake up call, the students at Sac State were in celebration of their 3+ day occupation of the administrative building. As was stated in a press release, “This is only the beginning, we are committed and we will see this through…I don’t think our administrations are prepared for us, and everything we are capable of.”

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