Sac State Occupiers Meet with President, Occupation Continues

Earlier today, the occupiers at CSUS met with the university’s president, Alexander Gonzalez, in an attempt to negotiate their demands. The list of demands consists of the following:

1. A moratorium on managerial raises and salaries; Funding must be focused on instruction and student services.
2. Publicly support AB 1326. The oil extraction fee for higher ed bill.
3. Publicly support SB 8. The transparency bill.

It comes as no surprise that Gonzalez refused to meet their demands. Anyone who has been watching the struggle for public education already knows the true nature of these administrators: no matter what they say, they only care about protecting their salaries, investments, and capital projects. They are against us. Once again, our comrades have reminded us that it’s useless to appeal to the administration. If we want to protect our public education, we must occupy its spaces — its buildings, classrooms, student centers, and structures — and decide amongst ourselves how to run the university.

The university is ours! Join and defend the Sac State Occupation! Occupy in Solidarity!

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