Long Live the Revolution of the Egyptian People!

We are proud to re-post this Communique, written by our comrades  and heroes in Egypt!

Jan. 29, 2011 Statement by Non-Partisan Egyptian Political Forces
The People Demand the Overthrow of the Regime for Dignity, Freedom, and Social Justice
Fellow Citizens,
In this critical time, in order to confront Mubarak’s efforts to abort the Revolution of the Egyptian People. We – the political Forces – call on our fellow citizens to hold to these demands, and keep in the forefront:
1- Immediate resignation of the president
2- Formation of a Temporary Cabinet made up of forces held trustworthy by the people, that excludes members of the NDP and all its figures and leaders, with its first job being the immediate release of all political detainees
3- Putting on trial of all those responsible for the policies of impoverishment and torture
4- Freedom for all sectors of the population to form their own free organizations
And until realizing these demands, we call on all our fellow citizens to:
1- Announce a general strike beginning tomorrow, Sunday, January 30, 2011
2- Form popular committees in all neighborhoods to protect the assets of the people against all destruction administered by the dying regime to deform and abort the revolution of the people
Long Live the Revolution of The Egyption People!
All the Freedom to the People… All the Loyalty to the Nation!
The National and Democratic Egyptian Forces
January 2011
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