Solidarity Demonstration with the Tunisian Revolt

When: Jan 15th 11:00- 13:00
where: Tunisian Consulate San Francisco, 3401 Sacramento St. (@ Walnut)
Beginning late last year, Tunisia has erupted into widespread rioting and revolt against unemployment, hunger, and state violence.
After 22 year-old student Mohamed Bouazizi was prevented by the police from selling vegetables on the street in the town of Sidi Bouzid, he immolated himself in protest of the regime. In solidarity, thousands of young people came out into the streets to collectively show their rage. Courageously resisting a police and Army crackdown on dissent, the riots have now spread across the country and influenced similar developments in neighboring Algeria. The Tunisian Government has been put on the defensive by the riots. As of Thursday, there are now reports that the rioters have forced the Army to retreat from the Capital, Tunis.
Join us on Saturday, January 15th as we demonstrate in solidarity with the Tunisian Revolt, as well as with revolts against Capital and State Violence the world over.
Meet at the Tunisian Consulate in San Francisco (located at 3401 Sacramento @ Walnut) at 11 AM.
Bring whistles, drums, and banners.
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