UC Merced student charged with felony for Regents’ meeting arrest

Reposted from our comrades at thosewhouseit:

A couple of days ago we reported that UC Merced student Peter Howell was subjected to a full-on stakeout for four bullshit misdemeanor charges. The plot thickens yet again. We have just learned that Howell had been charged with a felony (in addition to three remaining misdemeanors) for allegedly grabbing Kemper’s baton. Clearly UCSFPD is trying to find a scapegoat in order to justify the unjustifiable: Kemper pulling a gun on unarmed students and workers. We’ve all seen the video. No one so much as touches the baton. Hands off Howell!

Lock up the real criminal: Jared Kemper!

Here are some further details from one of our comrades who is in contact with Howell and his lawyer.  She has been informed that he

will be charged with a felony count of 148(b) for the removal of an officer’s baton.  The total charges are a felony and three misdemeanors.  He’s arranging to turn himself in, so he won’t be in court tomorrow and his lawyer is working on putting him on the calendar soon (hopefully Tuesday).

As soon as we receive any details of Howell’s arraignment we’ll publicize them.  It goes without saying, all out to our comrade’s arraignment!

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